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Born and raised in Bristol, Connecticut; I graduated in 2016 at the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation. My film "The Place Where the Rainbows Came From", which you can watch under the Animation tab, was displayed in festivals around the world!

In September of 2016, I started my journey in the industry at Copernicus Studios as a 2D animator on a variety of projects, including Amazon Prime’s series “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”.  and Care Bears: Unlock the Magic. I've worked on a variety of smaller projects along the way including the Care Bears: Unlock the Music shorts on Youtube.

Summer of 2021, I worked at Oddbot on season 3 of Muppet Babies, filling in for a variety of 2D related roles including some 2D character, revisions, and EFX.


Currently, since September of 2021, I make a variety of assets + creative work for a toy robot called Snorble! This is an ongoing project that has been very exciting in terms of creative world building. Along the way I animated on an undisclosed show for Titmouse that I will for sure be sharing once the trailer is officially posted!

There have been freelance opportunities along the way that you can check out on my LinkedIn page, but these are the highlights!

My dreams? I always strive for more! I always look for ways to grow! Eventually I would love to create my own series and, possibly, features.

Outside of work, I’m a dog-lover who enjoys hanging out with friends and playing video games! I love eating a variety of foods (especially spicy chicken!) and going for plenty of walks! I love theme parks, ARG's, and anything that brings immersion to fictional worlds in new and innovative ways. 


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