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A friendship blooms between a flower and a tree...

Updated September, 2023

Bloom is a short about embracing our own pace in life and lifting others up in a way that is meaningful to them! 

It all started when I was on one of many walks, and thought, "I wonder what plants would say to each other if they could talk?" It made me realize how diverse plants are- that if they could talk, they would have totally different life experiences. In some ways, this is a lot like us. That's where the idea began of a flower and a tree becoming friends.

Flowers are beautiful, but considerably temporary compared to the hundreds and even thousands of years a tree could live. The story of a friendship between them seemed like, no matter which way things went, it would end up sad- with the tree surpassing the flower by centuries. Then I realized, even if the tree surpassed the lives of thousands or millions of flowers, it wouldn't change the value of the friendship they did have and the lessons that could be carried on to many generations afterwards.


It evolved from a small friendship to finding our own purpose, then to making the world a better place.

That's when I realized this was a story worth telling. 🌼

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